Importance of Brand Positioning

Importance of Brand Positioning

How Strong Brand Positioning Helps to Increase Your Business Performance?

Brand positioning is a crucial aspect of a company’s overall marketing strategy. It involves creating a unique and distinctive image of a brand in the minds of the target audience. The brand only has as much energy as the brand owner puts into it. It takes coordinated efforts of several moving parts to create brand perceptions that drive your business forward.


One of the most crucial components of a brand-building plan is Brand Positioning.


Why brand positioning is important



Brand Positioning: What is it? And, why is it important?

To begin with, let’s define the term. Positioning oneself in the minds of your target audience is Brand Positioning. By refining your brand positioning, you are exploring and identifying your distinctiveness.


Brand Positioning is crucial to brand success, but why exactly? The results of putting forward a personal stance in the market seem apparent. Still, unless one understands the real significance of Brand Positioning, it’s elementary to take it for granted. If you do so, you’ll join thousands of other entrepreneurs who don’t take this critical step and stick to the logo and colours.


The following are seven different reasons why Brand Positioning is so critical:

1.      Market differentiation is achieved through Brand Positioning: This world doesn’t need one more widget. Nevertheless, suppose your product, service, or company demonstrates the ability to provide something unique, eliminate an unmet need, or deliver the desired experience. In that case, Brand Positioning will help you stand out by explaining how you’re different.


2.      Brand Positioning gets heard amidst the noise: With a clear Brand Position, you can communicate and interact with your target audience more efficiently and effectively. We encounter marketing and sales messages from every corner of the world each day. All of them are vying for your attention and time. The Brand Positioning of your company has the power to break through all this noise and speak directly to the people you intend to attract. You’re seen and heard this way, instead of shouting to an empty room or to a group who doesn’t care about you. 


3.      It makes Brand Positioning more appealing to people: People want easy decisions. They don’t want to examine 30 options before finding the one that works for them. They need quick and straightforward ways to trust who to buy from and what to get. Brand positioning affects your target audiences’ emotions consciously and subconsciously. Getting the right levers pulled as quickly as possible increases the chances of people saying “yes.”


 4.     Your brand should provide value rather than price: It doesn’t matter if you sell products to the mass market or if you’re the owner of a limited-edition luxury brand; Brand Positioning can help you explain who you are. In essence, what you offer customers is what they value the most and how competitors’ alternatives are inadequate. You have nothing to sell except ambiguity without Brand Positioning. Neither does anyone value (nor needs) ambiguity. 


5.      Pricing strategies justify Brand Positioning: Some brands need price justification, even when they have a known value. Branding is all about knowing where your brand stands rather than the competition and their product, which helps with your price point’s strategic and rational placement. Have you gone higher? Is it lower? Do you understand why? Is the consumer response likely to be favourable?


6.      Storytelling, copy and messaging work together to tell your brand’s story: The kind of copy you write needs to reflect your Brand Positioning. If you don’t know about your brand, how can you write about it? You can’t. Communication is impossible if you do not comprehend what differentiates your brand from the competition. You might as well sell a fence post in Arkansas as a beach property in Arizona. 


7.   A Brand’s Position helps your design stand out: Brand Positioning is essential to visual design. Would you pick red or blue without knowing what your competitors will use? Did you ever wonder why consumers choose to consume specific foods? Writing copy is no different, except the way the communication is accomplished is through imagery.


The Future of Brand Positioning: Positioning can set your business up for success. Investing in it will allow companies to grow and become more resilient to market shifts. Therefore, it must be designed to be as relevant as possible when telling people why and how your company matters to sustain its growth and profitability.


To survive in today’s competitive market, businesses need to differentiate themselves to grow. Therefore, you should take your time to get it right. You’ll be positioned for sustained growth if you focus on it. To be successful, your brand can rely on setting itself in the heart and mind of those crucial to its success. Kenscio is a digital marketing agency in Lawndale, California. Curious to see the results of our brand positioning work?




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