Email Marketing is Still Relevant Today

Email Marketing is Still Relevant Today

Why Email Marketing is Still Relevant Today?

Email Marketing is Still Relevant



According to Statista, 333.2 billion emails have been sent and received each day in 2022.  This figure is expected to increase to over 376.4 billion daily emails by 2025. This proves that email marketing is one of the most trusted communication channels for businesses and is still growing.


expected to increase to over 376.4 billion daily emails by 2025


Businesses will use email marketing to promote their brands, communicate with their clients, and generate revenues. Therefore, it is time to focus on how Kenscio will help businesses to scale up with their award-winning email marketing campaigns and strategies.


McKinsey & Company found that 75% of people have tried new shopping behaviors. With online shopping and home delivery becoming more popular, brands will engage with their customers to communicate the status of orders, shipment details, delivery status, and more, thereby making email communication essential since it is the cheapest & reliable mode of communication.


Email Marketing Challenges: An email marketer will often face these obstacles

1. Dropping Deliverability Rates: Billions of emails are sent and received every day in the world of email marketing, yet a large amount of them ends up in spam. Due to the increased vigilance of automatic spam filters, over 48.16% of all global emails get classified as spam.


2. Poor CTRS (Click-through Rates): The click-through rate aids in determining the effectiveness of campaigns. One of the most effective techniques to increase sales is to increase the click-through rate. A low CTR might suggest that either you’re targeting the incorrect audience or you’re unable to engage with the target audience.


3. Inappropriate Mobile Optimization: According to statistics, 66% of emails are read on smartphones or tablets. As more people use the internet on their mobile devices, it’s more critical than ever that marketers design their emails with a mobile-responsive design in mind. If your emails aren’t optimized for mobile devices, you could lose a significant amount of clicks.


4. Customer Retention: If you don’t retain your customers, you’ll be stuck in a costly customer acquisition cycle. It is so because getting new ones can cost five times as much as retaining the old ones. Increasing client retention by 5% can result in a 75% boost in profitability. Existing clients have a 70% success rate, whereas new customers have a success rate of less than 20%.


Top Email Marketing Tips: Follow these tips to be a successful email marketer

1. Focus on click rates and conversions: The goal of your email communications should be to compel people to visit your landing page. Your email subscribers won’t convert into customers if you don’t drive them to your website.


The key to letting people visit your landing page is to include a Call To Action or CTA in your email message. But, deploying too many CTAs will simply confuse and distract the reader, and they will either ignore or delete your email.


To persuade your reader to perform a certain action, tease them with the advantages of visiting the landing page. The email, CTA, and landing page must all be consistent for optimum user experience.


2. Keep spam complaints away: Your beautifully crafted emails will never land in the primary inbox if they are marked as spam. To avoid violating restrictions such as the CAN-SPAM Act, be sure your receivers have opted in to receive your emails.


Exclamation marks, full capitals, and exaggerated sentences should all be avoided. Emails with badly designed HTML can likewise have a negative impact on how they’re treated because each spam filter is unique. An email may pass through one but might get reported by another.


3. Use short copy for a clean looking email: If someone has opened your email because of an engaging subject line, you want to keep their attention throughout the mail. This entails using short paragraphs and emphasizing keywords and phrases that are important to your viewers. 


Include bullet points to make it easier for visitors to scan through the text and retain the most important parts. Images should be used sparingly because some email providers restrict images or consider them a spam signal. Images should be used to illustrate rather than replace your message.


4. Create, clean & segment the subscriber’s list: Even if you have a large list of client and prospect emails, you should never stop adding a new list to them. Make sure your list is continually expanding passively by including a signup function on your website. Subscription forms should be placed on your home page, blog page, and anywhere else you can squeeze them in without detracting from more relevant information.


Regularly clean up your email list for non-engaging subscribers to ensure you’re only sending emails to those individuals who genuinely want to read them.


Breaking up your email list into several smaller, more targeted groups through segmentation can lead you to offer your customers a more personalized marketing experience.


Kenscio + Mapp: The best in class Email Marketing Platform

Email Marketing is the go-to medium for digital marketing today. Take a look at a notable brand that emerged as a champion in the current email marketing scenario: 


Kenscio+Mapp Email Marketing is an automated platform that distributes and automates personalized email communication, enabling marketers to create emails quickly and without requiring any coding. 


It features a secure Transport Layer Security, federated identity management, and contact exclusion lists which helps to ensure optimum email deliverability. It also provides a drag-and-drop editor for scalable targeting of audiences and easy integration with DMP for contextual engagement data. It also offers marketers an intuitive campaign builder that helps create marketing automation workflows that extend from emails to mobile. 


Gain More Insights into Email Marketing:

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Email is an important method of business communication that is quick, affordable, accessible, and easily replicated. This article lays emphasis on the importance of email marketing being a relevant and ever-increasing channel in the digital world.


Kenscio is a pioneer in innovative email marketing solutions. Our email marketing services and platform scales, automates, and personalizes your email communication. We assist you in planning, executing, and monitoring email marketing campaigns to promote brand awareness, and nurture leads. 


Talk to our team for effortless, exponential business outcomes for the best email campaigns.






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