Elevating Deliverability in SMS Marketing

Elevating Deliverability in SMS Marketing

Mastering SMS Deliverability: Strategies for Unleashing Maximum Impact

In today’s digital age, businesses constantly seek new and effective ways to communicate with customers. SMS (Short Message Service) has gained significant popularity over the years. According to the statistics, 91% of the global customers have signed up for the SMS marketing campaigns. There are 63% of customers engaged with the SMS program at least twice a week.  


With its high open rates and immediate reach, SMS is a powerful tool for engaging customers and driving conversions. The Mode of SMS is one of the top three revenue-driving channels, and it drives over 20% of the total revenue for the brand. 30% of customers are comfortable with receiving more than one text message on their smartphones from various brands and businesses.


However, optimizing your messages’ deliverability is crucial to fully leverage the potential of SMS marketing.


In this blog, we will delve into the critical aspects of SMS deliverability to maximizing deliverability for impactful campaigns.


Maximizing SMS Reach and Impact


What is SMS Deliverability?

SMS deliverability refers to the ability of a message to reach its intended recipient’s mobile device successfully. 

SMS delivery rate percentage = (Number of text messages successfully delivered / Total number of text messages sent) X 100


While it may seem straightforward, several factors can influence the deliverability of your SMS campaigns. One of the primary considerations is the compliance with local regulations and industry guidelines. Ensuring that your messages adhere to legal requirements and do not violate spam regulations is essential. This can help prevent your messages from being flagged as spam and improve your overall deliverability.


Another crucial aspect of SMS deliverability is the quality of your contact list. Maintaining a clean and engaged list ensures that your messages reach active and interested recipients. Regularly scrubbing your contact list to remove inactive or unsubscribed numbers can significantly improve your deliverability rates. Based on preference and response, it’s the best option to make different categories of the target audience, making target messaging easy and leading to higher engagement and deliverability.   


How to Improve SMS Delivery Speed?

Besides ensuring your messages are delivered successfully, optimizing the delivery speed is crucial for effective SMS communication. Customers expect prompt responses and timely information, so minimizing any delays in message delivery is essential. 


Here are some strategies to improve the delivery speed of your SMS campaigns:

⏩Choose a reliable SMS gateway provider: The SMS gateway plays a significant role in determining the speed and reliability of your message delivery. Research and choose a trusted provider that offers fast and efficient delivery services.


⏩Optimize message content: The length and content of your SMS can impact delivery speed. Please keep your messages concise and relevant, adhering to carrier character limits. Avoid excessive abbreviations or special characters that may cause delivery delays or message truncation.


⏩Test different sending times: Timing plays a crucial role in SMS deliverability. Experiment with other sending times to identify the optimal window for your audience to engage with your messages. Analyze response rates and adjust your sending schedule accordingly.


How to Improve SMS Deliverability?

⏩Compliance and Consent Management: Provide features for managing consent and opt-ins to ensure compliance with legal requirements and industry guidelines. With built-in consent management tools, you can quickly obtain and track consent from your subscribers, ensuring that your messages are sent to engaged and interested recipients.


⏩List Cleaning and Segmentation: Advanced segmentation capabilities allow users to create targeted lists based on criteria such as customer behavior, preferences, or purchase history. You can tailor your SMS campaigns per the audience category to specific groups, increasing engagement and deliverability. Update your contact list by removing inactive or unsubscribed numbers, ensuring your messages reach active and interested recipients.


⏩Personalization and Dynamic Content: Personalization is critical to engaging customers and driving conversions. You can easily personalize your SMS campaigns by including dynamic content, such as the recipient’s name, location, or recent purchase. You can significantly improve your SMS deliverability by delivering relevant, personalized messages.


⏩A/B Testing and Analytics: Analyze the SMS campaign’s performance using A/B testing features. Identify effective strategies for improving deliverability. Additionally, detailed analytics and reporting enable you to trace the performance of your SMS campaigns and make data-driven decisions to optimize deliverability.


Common Reasons for Undelivered SMS

Despite your best efforts, there may be instances when your SMS messages fail to reach their intended recipients. Understanding the common reasons for undelivered messages can help you identify and address any issues. 


Here are some common reasons for undelivered SMS:

⏩Invalid or inactive mobile numbers: Ensure that the mobile numbers in your database are accurate and up to date. Regularly clean your contact list and remove any invalid or inactive numbers.


⏩Carrier filtering: Mobile carriers have spam filters to protect customers from unsolicited messages. If your SMS content triggers these filters, your messages may be marked as spam and not delivered.


⏩Network issues: Network connectivity issues can sometimes prevent your messages from being delivered. These challenges can occur due to technical problems, maintenance, or network congestion.


SMS deliverability: Wrap-up

Optimizing the deliverability and click-through rates of your SMS campaigns is essential for maximizing the effectiveness of your SMS communication. Adhering to legal requirements, maintaining a clean contact list, and leveraging powerful strategies can improve SMS deliverability and drive better results. 


Experience the power of effective SMS marketing with Kenscio. Whether you’re looking to enhance customer engagement, drive sales, or strengthen brand loyalty, our SMS messaging services and campaigns are tailored to meet your unique business needs. Trust Kenscio to deliver exceptional results and take your SMS communication to new heights.


Monitor and analyze SMS campaigns’ performance regularly, making adjustments to ensure optimal deliverability and engagement. With the proper strategies mentioned above, you can unleash the power of SMS marketing to achieve your business goals.







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