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Creating A Marketing Strategy In Your Business Plan

A Game Plan Most Businesses Are Considering

We all know how ambitious 2020 looked until December 2019 for most businesses. We also know that the pandemic really shook us all. However, very few brands decided to step up their game plan and go forth with marketing strategies like omnichannel to keep the business running.


The pandemic we’re in currently is new to us. Hence, the marketing strategy was a big question mark until this very moment. Brands like Kenscio decided to go forward with the trial-and-error marketing approach to keep up with such a hypercompetitive marketplace. 


Digital marketing strategy in 2023


One thing has been very beneficial in spite of heading into a pandemic back in February 2020; most of the world has been comfortable with digital tools and have access to high-speed internet and related aspects. Amid traditional sales techniques and marketing, eCommerce became extremely useful for multiple locations across the globe.


This marks the moment in the truest form of digital transformation.


As of May 2020, smartphone and internet penetration add up to 89% and 90% respectively. All age groups started engaging with businesses online. Paid advertising on social media and search engines rose by about 76% as a whole!


One more point emerged here, how would brands display uniqueness & ensure engagement at the same time? The answer is simple, the test and learn mindset which is the high road to take but, can show amazing results!


Get insights into how your business can make the most out of the trial-and-error marketing strategy:


Explore new technologies early: Change is constant and we’ve got to evolve with the rest of technology. Give your business the right digital marketing partner to explore newer options in a very safe manner! For instance, if you are a small business, your unique change to bring in more customers can be to design a well-functioning and user-oriented app. You can also go for something as versatile as a social media marketing strategy!


Remember, there is nothing wrong with the tried and tested strategies. You need to reach out to a marketing firm who can help you make the most out of base concepts in unique styles. This is exactly where brands make it to the top and really become something HUGE.


Explore your audiences to the core: Several businesses like Target have audiences here and there and everywhere. Their sales online and at stores open climbed by 24.3% during the quarter ended Aug. 1 — an all-time high for the retailer. A question comes up; how to cater to all their diversities and passions while engaging them all at the same time? Marketing agencies like Kenscio have an amazing range of solutions like engaging via video and messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, blending business with fun and more. A webinar or a series of appealing messages would be of great engagement for all stratas of audiences as well. This way, you as a business get to understand how to market amid diverse audiences at the same time, engage them too.


Another fool-proof strategy includes mobile version email marketing campaigns. As of 2020, Mobile opens account for 46 percent of all email opens. What if you could reach out to just 1/4th of the audience? This can be achieved but with unique ideation via effective user studying strategies.


Remember, giving out free information is the key here. Yes, marketing helps big time but, to dig to the core, touching their learning palate is the key.


Connecting offline and online: Yes, we’re amid a pandemic however, offline marketing is as important as online for most businesses. It’s crucial to follow traditional methods to keep a tab on old customers. Retail brands can keep stores open for sale however, stay online to connect with a wide array of audiences. 


In order to make online and offline stores engaging, free sampling, augmented reality and several cloud-based kiosks can do wonders! If you’re really new, give GoogleMyBusiness a try. This way, you can reach out to your local audience in a jiffy & be visible for global audiences for FREE.


Omnichannel marketing is another very effective strategy to stay connected & engage with customers. Several marketing campaigns are centralized around the same with the objective to connect from everywhere possible.


Indulge your customers: It’s always nice to get attention. It’s human nature. Give your clients what they need to keep coming back to you. This can be done in quick ways like effective email marketing, real-time personalization and more. Email marketing is heavily tapped on but, Marketers who use segmented campaigns note as much as a 760% increase in revenue.


This is your chance to flourish, flatter the client and make them yours!


Bottom line


Keep your mind open. We’re in tough times and everyone’s frustrated. As a brand, you need to promote qualities like agility, flexibility, experimentation and more. Become a leader in your industry with smart growth marketing solutions with a touch of proactive teams and amazing customers!


But first, hire an experienced marketing agency who can help you flourish as a big business in spite of the current market.


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