Best Time to Send Marketing Emails

Best Time to Send Marketing Emails

Ideal Time for Sending Marketing Emails

Email marketing is a cost-effective method for increasing brand awareness, generating leads, and increasing revenue. It would be best if you correctly implemented your plan to get the most out of email marketing.


This process entails timing the distribution of your emails, crafting compelling material, and determining the interests of your target audience. Let’s look at the ideal day and hour for sending marketing emails.



 Ideal Time for Sending Marketing Emails for email marketing



Best Time to Send Marketing Emails

You need to know how your audience behaves to see when you can most effectively grab their attention and persuade them to take the necessary action. It’s because each email list consists of a variety of people who all have their particular human behaviors and daily routines. Based on the target market, they might differ significantly.


Finding the perfect day and time to send an email will be simpler for you if you take a deeper look at the personalities of your target audience. You’ll discover the optimum email schedule for your company via trial and error.


The perfect days to send business emails are on Tuesday and Thursday. The following are some crucial transitional moments that should be considered while determining the precise hour of the day, as people are more likely to be online during these hours:


* A terrific time to catch those who check their emails first thing in the morning is at 8 am, which yields the highest open rate of 20.32 % and a high click-through rate of 7.79 %.

* 1 pm, during or right after lunch, performed strongly and is a great time to send out emails.

* 4 pm has the highest order rates.

* 6 o’clock, during or right after the commute home, had high click-through rates.


You should note that there is no universal agreement on the precise day or hour to send emails, and these times aren’t always available. Every email list consists of a unique demographic with unique behaviors. Therefore, your ideal send time might not coincide with that of other organizations.


When sending emails, there are no strict guidelines. You must fully understand your audience and be aware of what appeals to them. However, knowing the consensus of the most effective times to publish is a terrific place to start. Then, you may check and adjust your calendar to send emails at the ideal moment.



The best time to send an email by industry are:

* 10 am for Ecommerce

* 2pm-3pm for Software/SaaS

* 4 pm for Marketing Services

* 8 am-10 am for Hospitality/Online Retail 

* 8 am-10 am for Professional Services (B2B)

* 3 pm-4 pm for Non-profits Organizations



Statistics by different email marketing organizations show the ideal days for sending emails.

GetResponse: GetResponse examined 4 billion emails sent by its customers to determine the ideal time to send emails. In the research, only senders with at least 1,000 connections were considered active.


All of the weekdays, from Monday through Friday, were found to be quite similar.


Only 17% of all email campaigns were sent on Tuesdays, while Saturdays and Sundays witnessed 18% of all emails.


The most opens and clicks were made on Tuesdays, while Saturdays and Sundays witnessed the best click-to-open ratios.


In addition to 10 am, which also has high open and click rates, 1 pm is a beautiful time to send emails.


HubSpot: HubSpot studied over 20 million emails sent over ten months. It discovered that Tuesday was the day with the highest email open rates, closely followed by Wednesday, while Monday came in third place. 


Though the open rates decreased during the weekend, the weekdays were all quite close.


With Sundays being the lone exception when email open rates peaked at 9 pm, email openings often occurred at 11 am.


Intercom: Intercom’s study, which included both email and in-app conversations, revealed that emails sent on Tuesdays and Thursdays were opened significantly more frequently than those sent during other times of the week.


The top three weekdays for in-app communication open rates are Wednesday, Monday, and Thursday.


The ideal time to send communications is between 10 am and 2 pm, whether by email or in-app.



CampaignMonitor: After reviewing more than 30 billion emails sent by their subscribers, CampaignMonitor discovered that Tuesdays had the most effective open rates. 


They also discovered, to their surprise, that Tuesdays had the most significant rates of unsubscribes.


CampaignMonitor found that Tuesdays performed better for advertising/marketing agencies, travel, marketing, and leisure;  Wednesdays for healthcare services, food, and beverage; and Sundays for education after segmenting the open rate data by industry.


Klaviyo: According to Klaviyo’s analysis of 22,000 campaigns, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Mondays recorded the most effective open rates.


Klaviyo investigated the days when customers made the most money from email advertising. To their astonishment, they discovered that Thursdays earned the most income even though this day had the lowest open rates.


The perfect day to send an email is still a topic for debate, despite some of the illumination these studies have provided. Although Tuesdays have the highest open rates, you may not necessarily have the most significant rise in conversion and revenue on that day.


The days that emails generate the most revenue are often Thursdays. However, this may vary depending on your sector and the actions of your target market.



There is never an opportune moment to send an email. It depends on who is reading it. You need to continuously try and test if you want to be successful with email marketing and deliver your newsletters at the perfect moment for the most opens and clicks. To determine the ideal send time for your specific audience, you must A/B test your send times.



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